For Conference 6 we were once again welcomed by the Provincetown press, and this year Art New England acknowledged our effort as well. Because the Conference itself is closed to the public, the press coverage tended to focus on the 12 exhibitions in town. This provided terrific visual opportunities for many of the participating artists. Take a look:

Despite our best efforts, the terms "encaustics" and "encaustic art" crept into the coverage. We'll keep using encaustic, art, and painting and sculpture in the medium of encaustic so that eventually the correct terms get used.

In the meantime, we can enjoy the visibility accorded to Kim Bernard, whose work is on the cover of Provincetown magazine (top); to Marybeth Rothman, whose work, The Last Maidens of Tashmoo, provides the backdrop for the article by Rebecca Alvins; and to the artists whose works are inset, clockwise from top left: Milisa Galazzi, Alexandre Masino, Elena De La Ville, and Patricia Spainhour
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   As the feature article in the May 31 issue of The Provincetown Banner, several more artists were noted: Lawrence Young, showing at Alden Gallery; Cherie Mittenthal, shown standing in front of her paintings with Richard LaCasse, curator of Art of the Garden, at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum; Alexandre Masino monotype at the Conference Instructors Show at Schoolhouse Gallery; Christine Kyle Sculpture at Improbable Topographies at Rice Polak Gallery; JM in the studio; Elena De La Ville mixed media work in Confluence at Kobalt Gallery; and Milisa Galazzi, featured at Ernden Gallery

. . . . .

These three screen grabs, posted sequentially, constitute a post by art historian and critic Shawn Hill. Artists whose work is show are, from top: Lynn Basa, showing in Good Vibrations at Gallery Ehva; Grfegory Wright, showing at his curated show, Pollination; Karen Nielsen Fried in Confluence at Kobalt Gallery

Juror and curators of the exhibitions noted:
Francine D'Olimpio, juror for Confluence: Water and Light, the Conference-sponsored show at Kobalt Gallery
Mike Carroll, organizer and host of Conference Instructors at Schoolhouse Gallery
Richard LaCasse, curator of Art of the Garden at Provincetown Art Association and Museum
Laura Moriarty, curator of Good Vibrations at Gallery Ehva
Adam Peck and Marian Peck, curators of Wax at A Gallery
Joanne Mattera, curator of Improbable Topographies at Rice Polak Galleries

. . . .

Conference 5

Conference co-producer Cherie Mittenthal was interviewed by managing editor Brian Goslow in Artscope's Cornered feature in a Q&A about the Conference in its new location

Cherie Mittenthal interviewed in Artscope. Click to enlarge page to readable proportions

. Cape-based painter Carol Odell was shown in a long article in the Cape Cod Times, Mine Your Beeswax, by Maryann Bragg

Carol Odell
Cape Cod Times photo: Merrily Cassidy

. Provincetown magazine touted a Weekend of Wax on its June 2-8 cover, which featured an image of my own work, and editor Rebecca M. Alvin put together an information-packed spread inside, Hot Wax.

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Nancy Natale bricolage construction spans the spread

On left: Artwork by Mattera, Catherine Nash, Jasper Johns, a Fayum Portrait
On right: Laura Moriarty, Peter Roux

. In Provincetown Magazine the following week, in The Stroll section, encaustic was once again featured. it showed a line of people waiting to get into the juried show at Kobalt Gallery with the caption. “The invasion of the encaustics,” as well as pics, below, of Marc St. Pierre  (#2) and Helene Farrar (#3) at Bowersock Gallery; Deanna Wood at her show at Ernden Gallery (#7), Marla Rice and JM (#8), all on the left page; and Shirl Roccapriore (#6) and Linda Ray in the group show Surface Attraction (#9). Now that's what you call a critical mass.

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. At the Provincetown Banner, feature writer Pru Sowers talked to Mittenthal and me; Francine D’Olimpio, juror of the Conference exhibition, Beeline; and gallery owner Steve Bowersock, who juried a show, Wax in Motion, at his Bowersock Gallery with gallery artist  Kim Bernard.

Kobalt owner Francine D'Olimpio juried the Conference's Beeline exhibition at her gallery
Photo courtesy of The Provincetown Banner

. At, Laura Shabott Photographed Toby Sisson just after her talk, “The Art of Critique” and showed Elena De la Ville’s, sculpture, Bee Habitat, on view at Kobalt Gallery.

Toby Sisson just after her talk, "The Art of Critique"
Photo: Laura Shabott,

Below: Elena De La Ville, Bee Habitat, at Kobalt Gallery

. Provincetown Arts magazine, which came out after the Conference, included a brief mention of The Conference.

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Conference 3

The first four Conferences were held at an art school north of Boston. While we were an international conference from the very first year, by Conference 3 we started to get some regional attention. Artscope was the first publication to write what would be the first of many articles over the years.

This article by Artscope's managing editor, Brian Goslow, showed work  in the Wax and Wane exhibition, top right, consisting of sculptures by Mile Conrad's students from Conference 2; and a sculpture by Deborah Kapoor from In the Round, a two-artist exhibition (with Kim Bernard) at the Schlossberg Gallery, curated by Leonie Bradbury and Shana Dumont

Top and bottom right: paintings by Charyl Weissbach and Linda Cordner, respectively, from The Luminous Landscape exhibition in the Hallway Gallery; top right, another sculptural work by Deborah Kapoor